Case Studies

  • What challenges/problems were you having with your investing that necessitated a change?

    The main challenge was achieving any sort of consistency in my results. I have paid a lot of money for many users, from scalping to day trading to swing trading, and followed the rules as laid out with absolutely nothing to show for it. A lot of time and money wasted buying ininto schemes that clearly overpromised and under-delivered through clever marketing. I was close to giving up and sticking to what I know, which is business and property when I came across Zaheer Anwari.

  • What made our solution stand out over others that you researched?

    I watched a recording of Zaheer’s presentation in the Society of Technical Analysts (STA) archives. The STA are a prestigious organisation so this gave me confidence in Zaheer’s credibility. The message he shared in the presentation instantly resonated with me. He explained about about a long-term investment system that I could implement into my day to day, a very different message to what I have seen and bought into previously by these clearly unqualified educators. As a business owner and a keen explorer of the outdoors, this is exactly the kind of

  • How did our team help with the learning and implementation of the methodology?

    Learning through to implementation is unbelievably simple, straightforward and streamlined. The video syllabus will have you understanding the methodology in hours. The tools are clearly explained, very well designed and work as they should. The community support and live webinars drive home the methodology. The team are ALWAYS on hand to answer questions. The live training days are brilliant as you meet the community. The whole set-up is a breath of fresh air and shows how much time and money we end up wasting buying into the false promises.

  • How was the ongoing mentoring & what difference did it make with the learning and implementation?

    I have complete clarity in what my week looks like. The Sublime Trading team have structured the support so the methodology integrates seamlessly into my lifestyle, exactly what they promised. Weekend preparation followed by daily support throughout the week all done in minutes a day, once you are in the routine. The videos shortlisting the best assets to watch are what every investor needs as you know exactly what to keep an eye on and then the signal service where they share the assets that make it into their portfolio for the community to copy, absolutely genius. It is a foolproof system, one you will not find anywhere else with the level and detail and care that has gone into it.

  • What % growth have you achieved to date to show the success you have enjoyed with our service?

    With the stocks, commodities and currencies that I copied,
    I have made 41% in 2021

  • How will you use our solution going forward to grow your wealth?

    Sublime Trading is now a staple in my wealth-building process alongside my property portfolio. I will continue to add more money to my broker account. Learning to let investments run and then compound has been a complete gamechanger.


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