Case Studies

  • What challenges/problems were you having with your investing that necessitated a change?

    I was fortunate enough to come across Sublime Trading quite early in my investing journey. I had just bought an investment property and had additional funds to invest. I was always interested in the financial markets but did not know where to start. Initially, I had searched online, but there was too much information on different strategies, and I did not want to begin solely based on reading what was on the internet since there is money involved. I had tried a few things, but I only ended up losing money. I knew from the start that I wanted to learn from someone successful AND that could back it up with proven results. I did find a group initially, and although the strategies worked, I needed far more support from the group and the founders, which was lacking. There is still plenty to become familiar with during the learning phase and learn to a ply, which you definitely need guidance with in the early days. So what I was seeking was a strategy that I was very much wiling to put in the time to learn and the proper guidance to execute on the information

  • What made our solution stand out over others that you researched?

    Before I joined, Zaheer gave an example of a stock he had invested in and the details of that investment. I went way and calculated the percentage return. This helped me take the leap of faith in Sublime Trading. In addition, the fact that they scan the markets and then also share the positions that make it into their portfolio and how they manage them is an immense help. It saves me money and time doing this myself, but I also learn and perfect the process whilst managing a portfolio. This part of the service has totally removed the guesswork on what assets to choose for the portfolio, which was one of my main concerns. When doing my research, I found that other educators taught you a system with no results, other than over a few days, and then you were also left to find your assets. I had some serious concerns over these strategies and educators’ effectiveness, especially as many were teaching day trading. I had read into how risky day trading is and wanted to steer clear. Sublime Trading’s long-term approach, results, and how they answered all my questions confidently and accurately meant it was a no-brainer for me to join

  • How did our team help with the learning and implementation of the methodology?

    The initial video syllabus is simply brilliant. It is short and to the point, and I found myself transitioning from confusion to clarity in hours. Sublime Trading talks about becoming financially literate, and if I am honest, I did not know what that meant. After the video syllabus, it is clear what good investing is for me as a busy professional. I am no longer confused or allowed to be derailed by the noise and information surrounding us daily. They have made concepts such as when to place a position, calculate and manage risk, calculate a stoploss, exit the trade, and manage positions when the market is volatile straightforward to learn, understand and execute for a complete novice like I was. The tools they have developed are remarkable as they streamline the whole process. As an IT professional, I thoroughly appreciate the tech they have embraced and created and how the investor toolkit helps me manage my portfolio in minutes a week. Bravo Sublime Trading!

  • How was the ongoing mentoring & what difference did it make with the learning and implementation?

    The team behind Sublime Trading are a rare bunch. They are genuine and clearly care about their members, which is lacking in this online investment space. The different elements of the service are done on time and to an exceptional standard. Scans are never missed. Signals are always shared. Webinars are always done on time. The co-founders are always available through the community to answer questions on everything and anything investing related. This includes explaining why we should or should not take positions, helping with the tech, and using your broker account. The team are continuously improving and updating their service, They are very much open to receiving feedback from their members and then implementing feedback if needed, which they have done several times. I also love that they prompt us to think about our decisions through pols and questions they post themselves in the community, enabling members to become more independent and confident in a plying the methodology on their own. The recent addition of the consultations where we review our portfolio performance has been hugely helpful.

  • What % growth have you achieved to date to show the success you have enjoyed with our service?

    I know that other members have performed better, but this is excellent for me as I have only lost money before joining Sublime Trading. I have a much more conservative approach to risk allocation, but this is changing as I get more consistent and confident. I am lazier than I care to admit, so achieving 20% with minimal time and following Sublime Trading’s signals is very satisfying. It prompts me to do and be better.
    I had achieved 20% growth per annum on my account

  • How will you use our solution going forward to grow your wealth?

    I will be a lifelong member. My goal is to continue to earn, save and grow my capital so I can continue to fu nel it through Sublime Trading’s methodology. I still plan to have many years in my carer, which I love doing, so this is a long-term project. Being a member of Sublime Trading brings peace of mind about my investments and my future, which was very much missing before I became a member. If you relate to this,
    then I encourage you to join. It will be a decision you won’t regret


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