The future of investing for busy & successful professionals

The future of investing for busy & successful professionals


Financial awareness and accountability is a fast-growing trend. It is also a must for professionals who have built up their capital and are searching for a low-risk investment strategy they can embrace to generate strong long-term returns.

The Gryphon Fund meets these criteria. It provides a unique combination of tried and tested investing strategies and utilises the latest technology to create an investment option previously unavailable to the vast majority of investors.

Fund Management at its finest!

The Goal

To help you maximise your wealth’s growth using the revenue you generate from your career or business.
  • STEP 1

    Your Broker account

    We show you how to set up and fund your broker account with our preferred CFD broker.

  • STEP 2

    An Official partnership

    By signing a legal document called an LPOA. Limited Power of Attorney, between the fund managers and the client, you permit the Gryphon Fund to manage your funds.

  • STEP 3

    The Investing Begins

    We use our unique proprietary techniques to scan for the best high- probability assets. The Gryphon Fund places these positions in your broker account with an adjusted risk percentage based on your portfolio value.

The Gryphon, hailed as “the king of all creatures,” noble, fearsome & above all else, protective.

It is THE superhero of mythological creatures.

It has zero-tolerance to dishonesty & corruption in its territory. It is well-known for being a very wise & wily character who spends a good deal of time seeking out & guarding gold & treasures.

These exemplary characteristics of the Gryphon embolden exactly why it became the perfect identity for our fund.