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Start building your investor knowledge and learn a strategy to build long term wealth.

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Grow your wealth with our proven proprietary compound growth strategy.

Follow what we do and invest at the beginning of long-term trends in stocks, commodities and currencies.

Focus on compounding and doubling your wealth for retirement over the next 5+ years.

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Discover Our Proven ‘Trend-Following’ Strategy That Has Generated 350%+ Since January 2017!

Learn a financial strategy you can easily implement around your current lifestyle which you can use for the rest of your life to grow your wealth.

Boost your profits with our proprietary compound growth process. Focus on doubling your wealth for retirement by building your investment over the next 5 years.

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Risk management is an essential part of good investing. We will train you to operate within our risk management principles to ensure you are never faced with large losses or blown accounts.

We typically risk no more than 2% per position. Our primary focus is to ALWAYS protect our hard-earned money first and to use that as a foundation to generate long-term wealth.

This is dependent on market conditions. Since 2017, we have grown our spread betting account by over 350%. As we focus on all the markets, the odds are very much in our favour to profit every year but how much that is depends on what market is in trend and how much it moves.

We take what the market is giving us as opposed to trying to force what we want, which is one of the main reasons where day traders go wrong.

It is designed for investors at all levels, from total beginners to those with experience but are struggling with consistency. New investors will learn a philosophy that works saving you plenty of time, money and disappointment.

If you are already investing but have been struggling with consistency, then we will help tweak your current approach to achieve the results you have been aiming for.

We trade 100% on technicals, which for us as private investors, is the simplest and most beneficial approach. Institutions pay a lot of money to get news items early so by the time we, the private investor, hear the news, it has already been acted on and factored into the markets.

In short, news is history by the time we hear it so focusing on the charts using technical analysis is far simpler, far smarter and a far more consistent approach.

There are a number of brokers we recommend to our members dependent on their starting amount.

Download the 9 Questions on how to Choose the Right Broker document which we have created to help you understand why choosing the right broker from the very beginning is essential to your long-term success.

We are a trend-following community, not a day trading community which means we are not glued to our computer screens and phones all day and night. You will be required to spend less than an hour preparing at the weekend, preparation we help you with through the community with videos of the best setups covering UK stocks, US stocks, commodities and currencies.

Monday to Friday will then require no more than a few minutes a day to manage your portfolio. Our trend-following philosophy and the support structure we have set up is designed to help fit building and managing an investment portfolio around the busiest of lifestyles.