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  • The buy price
  • The stop price
  • Where to limit your risk
  • Where to compound and maximise profit

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The S&P 500 is up 30% Since October...

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What is the APL?

The APL is the Asset Position Log, which shortlists the very best stocks that follow our Blueprint and that the stock market has to offer.

We screen for these stocks on a daily basis, saving you £1000s in scanner subscription costs and hours finding these stocks yourself. We'll catalogue these for you. You'll have access to all of it!

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  • It doesn't matter if you're uncertain about which stocks to pick... (that's the beauty of the APL, we do it for you!)
  • It doesn't matter if you feel overwhelmed by stock market jargon... (we've got all the resources you'll need)
  • It doesn't matter if you've never invested a SINGLE PENNY in stocks before... (the APL will tell you everything you need to know).
  • It doesn't matter if you've never read a stock market report or understood an investing software chart... (we give you everything).
  • It doesn't matter if you don't have a lot of money... (even getting started with £100, you can use this APL/With just £100, you can kickstart your journey using this APL.).
  • And it ABSOLUTELY doesn't matter if you're not a stock market "whiz" (if you can read this, then the APL has got you covered).

Now, You Might Be Pondering…

"Why do we have this incredible offer for the APL?"

Let's be transparent here...Plain and simple, our goal is to

Get You Making Money!

If you make money from the stocks we share, then you will want to continue your education with us.

Because if you've landed here today, it's clear that you probably fall into one of two scenarios:

  • Scenario #1 — you've been wanting to venture into the stock market... perhaps intrigued by the success stories of others... or driven by the promise of financial freedom and growth...

    Yet, maybe you've hesitated because you're still "gathering information"...

    You're analysing, second-guessing, ensuring you have the right strategies in place BEFORE you invest.

    In reality... deep down... there might be a lingering doubt about your stock market acumen, or concerns about the potential losses and what others might think if your investment choices don't bear fruit...
  • Scenario #2 — you HAVE dabbled in stock investments before... perhaps even had a stock advisory subscription somewhere... but somehow, it didn't yield the results you envisioned...

    It's possible you spent countless hours, invested significant capital, and GAVE IT YOUR ALL, only to find your efforts not translating into the desired returns. The mere thought of diving back in might rekindle those feelings of disappointment, akin to a looming cloud of financial apprehension…

The APL solves both of these for you!

Listen, Navigating The Stock Market Can Feel Overwhelming.

I get it. It's CHALLENGING to identify the right stocks and make consistent returns

But that's exactly why you're on this page right now...

If we haven't met before, I'm Zaheer, the co-founder of Sublime Trading.

My singular goal? To empower investors like you to sidestep the pitfalls of the stock market and embrace the opportunities that lead to consistent growth. The kind of growth that doesn't just boost your portfolio, but changes your life.

With the APL, we've already transformed the stock market journeys of countless investors globally, offering them a direct line to high-probability stocks using our proven Blueprint.

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How Do We Curate the Best Stocks for You?

Harnessing a decade of expertise, we deploy a dual-layered proprietary scanning approach to sift through the vast sea of stocks:

Tier One: Leveraging professional-grade scanners, we fuse our Blueprint to meticulously sift through over 20,000 stocks. This not only ensures precision but also saves you a fortune in scanner subscription fees. (Our scanner costs £1000s a year).

Tier Two: We don't stop at automation. Our experts manually analyse the scan results, employing custom charting tools to handpick only the crème de la crème of stocks that proudly make their way into the APL.

Tier Three: These are the stocks that we risk our capital in. We don't recommend anything we don't do ourselves. You will receive the very best stocks the market has to offer.

Experience the confluence of technology and human expertise, ensuring you only get the best.

Why The APL Is A Must For Serious Investors:

  • Top-Tier Selection: Our proven 16-point screening process identifies only the best-performing US stocks (UK stocks, forex and commodities), providing you with a shortcut to high potential returns.
  • Time is Money: Don't waste precious hours analysing losing stocks. We will provide you with superior stock picks, so you can spend your time where it counts.
  • Effortless Implementation: Simply add our selected stocks to your brokerage account, and leave the complexities of finding top-performing stocks to us.
  • Balanced Investment Approach: We focus on high-probability stocks that offer a favorable balance between return potential and risk, setting you up for sustained profitability.

First Month £99 Only £7

£99(+vat)/month after

Here's Everything You Get To Skyrocket Your Stock Market Portfolio

When You Opt-In Today...For Just £7!

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Bonus 1 - Portfolio Accelerator Call

Dive into a transformative 30-minute transformative journey where we unravel the power of our Ultimate Stock Market Blueprint.

Discover tailored strategies to seamlessly harness consistent profits from the stock market. This isn't just a call; it's your roadmap to financial mastery.

Bonus 2 - The Complete Methodology Investor's Manual

  • Gain a proven edge in the markets.
  • Build wealth investing in long-term trends in all asset classes.
  • Enter & exit positions with precision.
  • Learn to develop the all-important investor mindset.

Bonus 3 - TradingView 30-Day FREE Trial & 50% Discount

This isn't just another charting tool – it's a platform that we use our proprietary system that's been instrumental in driving a staggering 30% annual growth in our portfolio.

Don't miss out on the very tools we trust to make our investment decisions.

Bonus 4 - Sublime Trading's Trend Strength Analyser Page

Dive into the exact page used by Zaheer, a masterclass in stock strategy.

Simplify your asset analysis and gain insights with the same precision and ease as the experts.

Bonus 5 - Wealth Calculator

Ever wondered how the pros calculate their path to wealth? Dive into the same tool used by Zaheer himself!

Our ROI calculator not only helps you pinpoint the returns you need but also offers invaluable insights to reach your financial dreams.

Take control of your investment journey and align your actions with your wealth goals, just like the top investors do.

Bonus 6 - Exclusive Bonus Training for CEOs & HNWI

Dive into an exclusive private training session, originally reserved for top-tier CEOs and affluent individuals.

Discover strategies and insights that have propelled them to consistent success in the stock market.

This isn't just training; it's a rare peek into the playbook of the financially elite.

Ensure your place among them and boost your stock market consistency like never before.

Bonus 7 - Extra Asset Signals in the APL

When you grab the APL today, you're not just getting top-tier US stocks. Dive into the heart of the financial world with exclusive access to premium signals from the UK Stock Market, Currency Market, and the Commodity Market.

Bonus 8 - Position Sizing Calculator (PSC)

Our proprietary PSC tool, meticulously designed for serious investors like you.

Don't leave your investments to chance, calculate the precise risk for each position with pinpoint accuracy.

Calculates the correct entry and stop levels, ensuring you stay ahead in the game of risk management.

  • Bonus 1 - Portfolio Accelerator Call......................................................................£500 value
  • Bonus 2 - The Complete Methodology Investor's Manual...............................£500 value
  • Bonus 3 - TradingView 30-Day FREE Trial & 50% Discount..............................£300 value
  • Bonus 4 - Sublime Trading's Trend Strength Analyser Page............................£1000 value
  • Bonus 5 - Wealth Calculator.....................................................................................£200 value
  • Bonus 6 - Exclusive Bonus Training for CEOs & HNWI.......................................£1000 value
  • Bonus 7 - UK Stocks, Commodities & Forex Signals..........................................£2000 value
  • Bonus 8 - Position Sizing Calculator (PSC)...........................................................£300 value

Total Value: £5,800


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  • Bonus 1 - Portfolio Accelerator Call..............................................£500 value
  • Bonus 2 - The Complete Methodology Investor's Manual........£500 value
  • Bonus 3 - TradingView 30-Day FREE Trial & 50% Discount......£300 value
  • Bonus 4 - Sublime Trading's Trend Strength Analyser Page....£1000 value
  • Bonus 5 - Wealth Calculator............................................................£200 value
  • Bonus 6 - Exclusive Bonus Training for CEOs & HNWI..............£1000 value
  • Bonus 7 - UK Stocks, Commodities & Forex Signals..................£2000 value
  • Bonus 8 - Position Sizing Calculator (PSC)...................................£300 value

Total Value: £5,800


  • Bonus 1 - Portfolio Accelerator Call £500 value
  • Bonus 2 - The Complete Methodology Investor's Manual £500 value
  • Bonus 3 - TradingView 30-Day FREE Trial & 50% Discount £300 value
  • Bonus 4 - Sublime Trading's Trend Strength Analyser Page £1000 value
  • Bonus 5 - Wealth Calculator £200 value
  • Bonus 6 - Exclusive Bonus Training for CEOs & HNWI £1000 value
  • Bonus 7 - UK Stocks, Commodities & Forex Signals £2000 value
  • Bonus 8 - Position Sizing Calculator (PSC) £300 value

Total Value: £3xxx


With your recent download of The Stock Market Blueprint - The APL is the perfect complement.

Why? Because while the Blueprint teaches you how to spot high-value stocks, The APL does the heavy lifting and presents these top stocks to you. 

No guesswork.

No hours spent analysing.

Just pure, expertly-curated stocks for your portfolio.


Then £99(+vat)/month after

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