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We offer 3 academies to suit your starting point and budget.

  • The Launchpad is our free community and where you will be introduced to our investment techniques through our free 4-part series and also communicate with the co-founders through the free Facebook community.
  • The Thunderbird is the first of our subscription academies where you begin to lay the foundation and start implementing our long-term investment techniques.
  • The Phoenix is our number 1 subscription course and where we train you in our advanced investment techniques to compound your wealth between now and retirement.

The comparison table below tells you exactly what is involved in each academy. Whether you are new or have some experience, the Thunderbird is the perfect place to start. However, you do not need to do the Thunderbird first before moving to the Phoenix.


£ 49.95
(inc VAT)
  • Financial Literacy Video Syllabus For Busy Professionals
  • ROI Wealth Calculator to Work Out Your Compound Number
  • TradingView 30-Day Free Trial and Discount
  • Bespoke Charting Analysis Tools and Explainers Videos
  • Weekly Top Stocks Newsletter
  • Monthly Top Stocks Doc
  • Facebook Group
  • How to Choose a Broker PDF
  • Our Complete Methodology PDF


£ 149 + VAT
Per Month
  • Everything in Launchpad
  • Private Thunderbird Facebook group
  • Starter Video Syllabus
  • Telegram Notification Group
  • Live Weekly Webinar
  • Daily Breakout Lists of Tier 2 Stocks
  • 8 Bespoke TradingView Investment Tools
  • Starter Trading Plan
  • 1 TradingView Strategy Page


£ 6000
+ VAT *
  • Everything in Thunderbird
  • Private Phoenix Facebook group
  • Advanced Video Syllabus
  • Telegram Group
  • Live Weekly Webinar
  • Daily Breakout Lists of Tier 2 Stocks
  • 21 Bespoke TradingView Investment Tools
  • Advanced Trading Plan
  • 2 TradingView Strategy Pages
  • Advanced Breakout Strategy
  • Advanced Pullback Strategy
  • Bi-weekly Scanned Video Analysis of Tier 1 Stocks
  • Risk & Position Sizing Calculator
  • Positions Record Log
  • Live Day of Training
  • Signal Copy Service

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