Case Studies

  • What challenges/problems were you having with your investing that necessitated a change?

    One of the main challenges I faced was developing a consistently profitable investment system. As most people do, you end up on the internet and in various groups with others who are clearly struggling, and you try and develop a system from the conversations you have and the online content you find. Whatever techniques I adopted and any tweaks I made were just not working. I continued to have issues with risk management, position sizing and overall failing to have an edge in the market, which meant my portfolio rarely gained attraction. I continuously found myself stuck between day trading and gambling, and if you are not around the right people, this ends up being a lonely and frustrating journey with no end in sight. In addition to that, I value time more than anything. As a father of two children,I am always short of time! I needed a system that I could manage around the demands of being a husband, dad and a working professional, so I needed a change. I had simply had enough. Instead of giving up, I just needed to find the right approach, which is when I turned to Sublime Trading and switched to trend following.

  • What made our solution stand out over others that you researched?

    First of all, their approach as they do not focus on short-term profits but on long-term wealth creation, which is precisely what I was seeking. This made Sublime Trading stand out from all other groups and self-proclaimed teachers. Second is the transparency in their teaching. All the indicators and steps they use are thoroughly explained in their video syllabus. This is not a dud black box system, and so it helps to understand their methodology in detail, which gave me immense confidence in how to approach the stock market. I wanted to be an investor and not a follower of signals, and their education achieves just that. The community connects you with like-minded people, and exchanging experiences is easy because we are all on the same page, following a single, proven trend-following system. Again, exactly what I was seeking. Sublime Trading provides me with a solid,time-tested system and gives me the freedom to spend my time away from my investments as these are easily managed in minutes a week. I now finally understand why less is more in the investing space.

  • How did our team help with the learning and implementation of the methodology?

    From the very start, there is constant support from the co-founders,Zaheer and Kola. They have not left the community to be run by a bunch of amateurs which is just all too common.They provide constant feedback during the live weekly Q&A sessions, and they answer every question whenever you reach out. The video syllabus is tremendous at laying a foundation that they then build from. The quality of thought and attention to detail with which it has been created is second to none. You won’t find anything like it anywhere else. I’ve often revisited the syllabus, even after two years of membership and each time, I pick up something new that I missed prior. The information shared and how it has been broken down and explained into bite-sized chunks is designed for starters and those with a cluttered knowledge base like I had when I first joined. However, I am also confident trained professionals will pick up a thing or two.

  • How was the ongoing mentoring & what difference did it make with the learning and implementation?

    It keeps me honest and accountable, which has made a massive difference in my performance. I still suffer from some bad habits, they die hard after all, but for me, some lessons only work by making mistakes myself. It is in the aftermath that the support is extremely useful. It doesn’t matter what I do; Zaheer and Kola are always there to provide support and reason without judgement. You can tell they went through the same struggles in their early days and accept that they can not prevent people from making mistakes despite creating a system and support network to minimize this from happening. They always remain calm and offer the best guidance out there! As a result, I want to step up my game and be the best that I can be. The penny has to drop at some point so that you cannot keep making the same mistakes. As I have learned from the compounding they teach us, you can make up for lost money, but not lost time. I have already mentioned how time is everything for me.

  • How was the ongoing mentoring & what difference did it make with the learning and implementation?

    If I had stuck to the process outlined in the training and the trading plan that Sublime Trading has created, I would have made a total gain of 86.2% in less than 24 months. Frustratingly, I allowed some old bad habits to creep in, which I am now very much leaving in the past, but I have made just under 30% per annum, an excellent return compared to the banking system or an S&P 500 tracker fund.
    I have seen 12% growth per annum on my account

  • How will you use our solution going forward to grow your wealth?

    I will be a Sublime Trading community member for many years as I have a clear path for my future. Their approach has removed all the guesswork and uncertainty, which is a breath of fresh air. The peace of mind that comes with that is a relief. I want to help Sublime Trading grow as a community simply because I have never come across such a dedicated group that shares so much value and provides such stellar service. I’ve recently started a Youtube channel to document my journey and show people that trend following will make you wealthy and is the most underrated form of investing. Based on my experience of what works and what doesn’t doesn’t, I hope to convince day traders to quit gambling and join our community!


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