Team Sublime
The Sublime Co-Founders: Kola, Jonathan & Zaheer

Sublime Trading was created to help busy professionals and business owners to compound their wealth between now, up to and into retirement.

Zaheer Anwari, Co-Founder


Sublime Trading is the brainchild of Jonathan, Kola, and Zaheer.

We realised how hard it is to juggle trading and a 9 to 5 job and still reap the stock market’s benefits.

A busy schedule won’t leave you enough time to study and analyse the markets.

We know how frustrating that can be. We have been there. Kola has a background in media, Zaheer in photography, and Jonathan is a software engineer.

So, we decided to devote ourselves to learning how someone without a finance and economics background can excel in stock trading.

Today, our collective 30-years’ experience has paid off. We know strategies that the common man needs to get regular positive returns.

Hence, we created Sublime Trading to mentor people like us who want to walk away from the norm of the 9 to 5 and the banking system’s lowly returns.


Our goal is to enable you to double your wealth in 5 years. How?

  • We teach you how to follow trends (the trend-following strategy), so you can recognize long term investing opportunities.
  • We teach you compounding strategies, so you never miss your profits.
  • We thoroughly prepare you over the weekend, so you only need to spend a few minutes on your portfolio during the week.
  • We provide you with personalized charting tools, signals, and portfolio guidance.
  • We give you an intimate community of like-minded investors to walk with you for the next five years.
  • You don’t have to spend your money on a scanner. We got you covered!